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If primary stability cannot be established, distance osteogenesis initiates in the bone implant interface.
This remodeling ideally should permit increased bone implant contact as the time proceeds.
Factors that must be considered for future implants are refining prosthetic design and achieving a greater degree of initial bone implant stability.
In orthopedics, a rigid, bioabsorbable material with the strength or wear properties of a ceramic can replace bone, form a bone implant, or provide an anchor base for screws.
The bone implant team is working closely with Warwick Ventures, the university's technology transfer office, to find a commercial partner.
The idea is that loading the cement with slow-release antibiotics will increase the success and longevity of a bone implant.
Last week's hearing was told that Mr Slabbert carried out an experimental bone implant on Mrs Verdon at the Tatum Institute, in Northampton.
Contract notice: purchase and purchase contract for the institution for the purchase of a bone implant in some parts with a consignment warehouse for 24 months.
A team from Northwestern University in Illinois "has developed a 3D-printable ink that produces a synthetic bone implant that rapidly induces bone regeneration and growth," according to a statement on the university's website.
Calcium phosphate drug delivery system: influence of local zoledronate release on bone implant osteointegration.
According to its website, PADT has contributed to the development of a heart valve stent, a blood filter device, an implantable pacemaker, a pediatric dentist drill, a bone implant and bone screw, a bone paste delivery device, a heated catheter and a heart valve implant, among others.