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The team analyzed mouse bone marrow tissue during and after exposure to 300 parts per million benzene over a 2-week period for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.
My bones ached a little after they took the bone marrow out, but it went away.
This study indicates that because the disorder was cured with an allogeneic bone marrow transplant, the primary abnormality lies somewhere in the bone marrow-derived cells of the immune system," Dr.
Still, it's too early to say whether cord blood will be a more valuable treatment than bone marrow transplants for Hurler's patients, Muenzer concludes.
The company believes the CEPRATE SC system also will be useful in allogeneic bone marrow transplantation and aggressive chemotherapy.
For children with leukemia, cancer and immune disease like Layne's, bone marrow transplants can save their lives.
With this type of leukemia, there's an uncontrollable growth of cancer cells in the bone marrow and blood, which then blocks the body's production of normal marrow cells and leads to a deficiency of red blood cells, white cells and platelets in the blood, according to the New York-based nonprofit organization.
The stakes are high because of the politicized debate over whether adult stem cells, such as those in bone marrow, are as promising a therapeutic tool as stem cells derived from embryos are.
According to the International Bone Marrow Transplant Registry, approximately 12,356 bone marrow transplants were performed worldwide in 1992, primarily for cancer.
Forward-looking statements in this release include statements: that our company can become a leading provider of cell therapy products that do not require a match; that we have achieved a solution that could be used to replace the traditional bone marrow transplant search and match process;; that we expect our first products to be cell grafts that will provide an efficient and superior alternative to the standard procedure of bone marrow transplantation; and our first adult stem cell product targets a critical global shortfall of matched tissue for bone marrow transplantation.
Ashley is) one of the bravest people we have ever had the honor to treat,'' said Joseph Rosenthal, her doctor and director of the pediatric bone marrow transplantation unit at City of Hope.
When transplanted into mice, these treated cells grafted well into the animals' bone marrow, suggesting they had begun to rebuild the animals' store of red and white blood cells.