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The Company is utilizing these discoveries, along with its increased understanding of the structure-activity relationship of IRHs, to develop further compounds in this area, several of which are now being tested in animal models of bone marrow suppression.
The principal dose limiting toxicity of BEXXAR in clinical trials was generally reversible bone marrow suppression that could be prolonged and severe and required supportive care in approximately a quarter of the patients.
These studies also suggest that Reverset does not produce mitochondrial toxicity, a common side effect associated with certain nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NRTI) therapies that can lead to fairly serious and life-threatening bone marrow suppression.
Talampanel, administered orally, has been well tolerated and has not caused bone marrow suppression and other side effects of most current forms of cancer therapy.
Cytarabine is highly toxic with severe side effects including cerebellar toxicity and bone marrow suppression.
However, the most harmful complication is bone marrow suppression.
Regular monitoring is required for both treatments, particularly methotrexate to prevent significant bone marrow suppression and hepatotoxicity.
Adverse effects associated with long-term linezolid use included bone marrow suppression and peripheral and optic neuropathy.

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