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Demineralized bone matrix and hydroxyapatite/tri-calcium phosphate mixture for bone healing in rats.
Comparative evaluation of the osteoinductivity of two formulations of human demineralized bone matrix.
5 N HCl, results in demineralized bone matrix (DBM).
These analytes are likely to be released from bone matrix during its degradation by osteoclasts.
healing of wounds, burns, and bedsores, cartilage repair, bone matrix reconstitution, ligament and tendon reconstitution, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, etc.
Professor Kaplan and colleagues are looking at ways of using spider and silkworm silks to recreate bone matrix - the basic scaffolding of bone.
Under terms of the agreement, AlloSource will provide bone matrix to Osiris for use in the production of its Osteocel product line.
In January 1998, Osteotech filed its initial suit against GenSci accusing it of violating claims of a patent issued to Osteotech involving the company's Grafton Demineralized Bone Matrix process, by making, using, and/or selling the invention claimed in Osteotech's patent without permission or license from Osteotech.
The allografts segment has been sub-segmented into demineralized bone matrix (DBM) and others.
Using Bacterin's proprietary demineralization technology, OsteoSTX are flexible cortical demineralized bone matrix matchsticks designed for multi-level and deformity spinal applications.
The bone density at the graft site was shown to be denser than the original bone matrix of the posterior maxillary region.
The company says Osteocel is an allogeneic bone matrix containing viable stem cells.