bone of contention

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If Darwinian evolution--which is not incompatible with religion and does not require any radical rethinking of our moral tradition--is still a bone of contention, proposing to do away with the soul is not exactly a prescription for no more squabbling.
THE relevance of certain flags flown at grounds has long been a bone of contention, and a particularly tedious one.
In the western United States, water rights have long been a bone of contention, with private parties, municipalities, and states squabbling over a region's rivers for agricultural, industrial, and municipal uses.
But it was not the most obvious bone of contention ( Paul Robinson's clearance of a second Mellberg effort which Villa players claimed had crossed the line ( which provoked O'Leary's ire.
The nature of this theatre turned out to be the main bone of contention in the participative process, for two groups arose.
As ever, it is where they are placed - rather than what they do - which is the bone of contention.
Ever since, this topic has been a bone of contention.
While farm subsidies were a bone of contention throughout the meeting, the final stumbling block came when the European Union insisted on the so-called Singapore issues--the writing of four new sets of trade laws.
Karine's work is a bone of contention with the town council, which is threatening to withdraw funding if ARAVOH continues with it.
The opposition to homosexuality has grown to the point where it is now the main bone of contention between conservatives and liberals in the worldwide Anglican Communion.
Chief bone of contention is the question of whether to build a new home for City Opera, which has long complained of the acoustics at the State Theater, which it shares with City Ballet.
A major bone of contention is whether Cosimo's patronage was in some sense "princely," a view she takes great pains to refute.