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Bone remodeling takes place at bone remodeling units (BRU).
They speculated that the region of lower Pb concentration has lower blood flow in the Haversian canals and, consequently, less Pb available for uptake into bone matrix during bone remodeling (Todd et al.
a privately held biotechnology company focusing on the development of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, announced today that the Company has been granted its first Japanese patent related to Siglec-15 entitled Polynucleotides and Polypeptide Sequences Involved in the Process of Bone Remodeling (Patent No.
Osteocytes communicate with one other via gap junctions [2] to transduce these small mechanical signals into molecular cascades that activate bone remodeling cells [3].
About 80 percent of all people with osteoporosis are women, and postmenopausal women face an even greater risk because estrogen, a hormone that helps keep bone remodeling in balance, decreases after menopause.
The ciliated epithelium is quite remarkable given the intense intralesional pressure (figure 2), which results in bone remodeling and destruction.
Recent advances in our understanding of the molecular regulators and mediators of bone remodeling have identified new potential targets for therapeutic intervention, resulting in the development of novel compounds aimed at treating osteoporosis and other skeletal diseases (Table).
Biochemical markers for bone remodeling revealed that isotaxiresinol slightly increased bone formation and significantly inhibited bone resorption [bone loss] without side effect on uterine tissue," wrote the scientists.
Their topics include biochemical markers of bone remodeling for multiple myeloma, mammary phyllodes tumors, specific gene methylation as a gastrointestinal tumor marker, and tumor biomarkers in personalized medicine.
December 6-7 American Society for Bone and Mineral Reserch Meeting on Targeting Bone Remodeling for the Treatment of Osteoporosis, Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC.
Prospective studies in both younger (early postmenopause) and older populations have demonstrated that increased concentrations of biochemical markers of bone remodeling are related to the short-term rate of bone loss (5 years or less) (4-6).
Paul says that she's open to the notion but cautions that bone remodeling sometimes occurs in juvenile dinosaurs.