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Set to be the best affair in town with fine dining options and a chance to groove to the music of Boney M, this event is one for the diary.
After finishing the shot, Salman went to meet Boney Kapoor and his family at their residence.
Some people might raise their eyebrows at Boney working for both Ryan Moore and myself given that there's always a chance we could end up among those fighting for the jockeys' title.
Boney M''s first album, Take the Heat Off Me, was released in 1976 to initially lukewarm reviews, but a late-night appearance on a live music show in their daring stage costumes, where they performed the song Daddy Cool, quickly sent the song to No.
The original Boney M, which was based in Germany, disbanded in 1986 after chart-topping hits throughout the 70s and 80s, including Daddy Cool and By the Rivers Of Babylon.
But it wasn't until German singer/songwriter Frank Farian recruited him for his new Boney M group that he got his big break.
Farian later claimed Farrell had made almost no vocal contributions to Boney M's records, with Farian himself performing male vocals in the studio.
The original Boney M, who were based in Germany, disbanded in 1986 after scoring Europe-wide hits with Daddy Cool and By The Rivers Of Babylon.
Fearing objections from the stars, Boney has not informed them about the new tagline.
Boney said: "All I did then was sit in coffee shops all day, drinking coffee and shouting `Vote for me' occasionally.
5 -- color) Ready for snow in the Southland are Lily Mariye in an alpine design by Liz Claiborne, $69, from Robinsons-May and Boney James in a silk turtleneck sweater by Anthology, $95, from Nordstrom.
jazz artists carried three of the five listings, including "Just Chillin'" by Norman Brown, "Ride" by Boney James and "The Christmas Message" by Kirk Whalum.