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Boney recounted the "detailed account of what exactly transpired on the fateful evening of February 24" to Nahta, who has now shared the conversation in a blog on his Twitter handle.
Boney recounts his unscheduled trip to see his wife in Dubai, how they hugged and kissed when he surprised her and how he found her lying in a bathtub full of water without a drop of water spilling out.
Singer-songwriter, author, reiki healer, and talent scout, Bonnick and her tribute band has been touring all over Europe as Boney M.
Even after three decades in the industry, Boney M are as focused now as they were at the start of their career producing several compilations such as Hit Story, Original Album Classics and Boney M Goes Club featuring DJ Doug Laurent and Barbara Streisand.
Boney also had the job of making phone calls to the trainers of Shimmering Surf and Kiama Bay.
The original Boney M, which was based in Germany, disbanded in 1986 after chart-topping hits throughout the 70s and 80s, including Daddy Cool and By the Rivers Of Babylon.
Farian later claimed Farrell had made almost no vocal contributions to Boney M's records, with Farian himself performing male vocals in the studio.
Bobby lived in Amsterdam and his agent John Seine said from the Netherlands yesterday: "He did a show that night as part of Bobby Farrell's Boney M and they found him this morning dead in his hotel room.
He was leading a group called Bobby Farrell and Boney M, with three women back-up singers.
To tap the fact that the film stars estranged lovers, Boney first launched promos with the tagline ' They are back together'.
Turtles ran into trouble because Boney and some staff lacked the serving permits the OLCC requires.
Show producer Michael Taylor says: "Two shows in one, the sequin-studded spectacular includes all of Boney M's million-selling hits - Brown Girl in the Ring, Daddy Cool, Rasputin, Ma Baker and dozens more.