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78) Boyer's story seems to be taken as fact by the scholarly community (see Claire Quintal in Bonier, The Beginnings of the Franco-American Colony, 542), despite, as far as I can ascertain, his description being the only proof.
We are honored to have Congressman Bonier meet with our Shop Stewards, who are the front line representatives of our Union," said Bowman.
These machines process up to 800 pieces of chicken a minute, separating edible meat from the bonier parts of the birds.
Police also arrested 18 criminals in the area of Gulshan Bonier and recovered 3 pistols, one riffle, and 65 bullets.
The fashion icon was said to be photographed with skinnier looking arms, bonier looking legs and disappearing cheekbones every few days.
They were becoming larger and bonier, and I often wondered if they would ever become as strong and capable as his.
Bluegills are no bonier than most fish if the spiny fins on the back and underside are removed by cutting along the side of each fin and pulling them out including the bones that go into the meat.
Understanding avian molt patterns is important because birds require significant energetic and protein resources to produce the new plumage (Panek and Majewski 1990, Earnst 1992, Murphy and King 1992, Bonier et al.
The good news is that this gaggle of mediocrity (Democratic members of the House) - the dyspeptic David Bonier, the frantic Vic Fazio, the feckless Martin Frost - have increased enormously both respect and readership for the embattled speaker, as I discovered when, like thousands of others, I was compelled by this banal brouhaha to read ``To Renew America,'' whose last paragraph is the last word: ``To renew or to decay.
The former Spice Girl, 34, looked gaunt and bonier than ever in the tight white corset dress she wore on Tuesday night.