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Christmas bonuses are also widespread in Slovenia, with a third of employees receiving one the amount is a bit higher than in Croatia at roughly 31 percent of the basic salary (Pound 422 on average).
But the bonuses in Philadelphia and North Carolina are small, one-time payments, unlike the generous outlays in Texas.
There are steps that employers can take to ensure that employees have a clear understanding of their entitlement to potential bonuses.
For example, over the past five years, on average, 6% of bonuses have been forfeited by employees who left before the bonus payment date.
Johnson Associates say equities traders and hedge fund employees will likely see bonuses rise by 5% to 15%.
Non-discretionary bonuses are those which essentially guarantee payment of a bonus to the employee.
The ruling provides that an accrual-method employer can deduct accrued bonuses paid within 2 1/2 months of year-end provided the following requirements are satisfied:
By the start of 2000, bonuses were embedded in the leadership culture.
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This year's winter bonuses for non-management-level employees belonging to Toyota's labor union go down about 18 percent from last year's, according to the company.
As revealed in the Western Mail yesterday the senior civil servants received total bonuses of pounds 196,000 for the last financial year.
Bonuses are often used in closely held companies to enable shareholder-employees to withdraw the maximum compensation income from the company each year.