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BOOTY, war. The capture of personal property by a public enemy on land, in contradistinction to prize, which is a capture of such property by such an enemy, on the sea.
     2. After booty has been in complete possession of the enemy for twenty- four hours, it becomes absolutely his, without any right of postliminy in favor of the original owner, particularly when it has passed, bona fide, into the hands of a neutral. 1 Kent, Com. 110.
     3. The right to the booty, Pothier says, belongs to the sovereign but sometimes the right of the sovereign, or the public, is transferred to the soldiers, to encourage them. Tr. du Droit de Propriete, part 1, c. 2, art. 1, Sec. 2; Burl. Nat. and Pol. Law, vol. ii. part 4, o. 7, n. 12.

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Boody said, Most of these routes were in effect last year when noise complaints declined from around 11,000 to around 6,700.
Al parecer, como subalternas, las mujeres de Hamas estan jugando habilmente con los que Janice Boody denomina instrumentos de su opresion, aunque es necesario reconocer que las expectativas creadas por la plataforma electoral de Cambio y Reforma tampoco pudieron satisfacer las demandas de la poblacion femenina.
En la primavera de 1995 se publico un numero de Educational Theory donde se afirmaba lo siguiente: <<Un creciente numero de educadores, encontrandose en problemas por los valores y asunciones modernistas, estan girandose hacia el postmodernismo en busca de ayuda para entender y articular sus preocupaciones>> (Child, Williams, Birch y Boody, 1995, 167).
It was founded as the all-girl Berkeley Institute in 1887 by David Augustus Boody, who would later be mayor of Brooklyn.
SCHUMPETER, HISTORY OF ECONOMIC ANALYSIS 167-68 (Elizabeth Boody Schumpeter ed.
Responses to these questions are reported elsewhere (Rule & Stefanich, in review; Rule, Stefanich, & Boody, in review).
Boody AR, Wongworawat MD 2005 Accuracy in the measurement of compartment pressures: a comparison of three commonly used devices Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery 87 24152422
The Illinois Natural History Survey (INHS) has part of the carapace of a roadkilled armadillo collected near Boody, Macon County in 2000 (INHS 818; Van Deelen et al.
It highlights the importance, and their self-sacrifice on his behalf, of the women in his life: his mother, his second wife Annie, his mistress Mia Stokel, and, probably most important, his third wife Elizabeth Boody, a distinguished economic historian in her own right, without whom A History of Economic Analysis would never have seen the light of day.
Media director Barbara Boody handles Verizon's Latino advertising efforts.
Elizabeth Boody Schumpeter had correctly predicted that Japan would be no military pushover.
Boody, BLM argued that modifications to an existing land management plan based on an annual species review did not amend the land use plan and therefore did not require supplemental NEPA analysis under SUWA.