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But what benefit do we get if we are not implementing this bookish knowledge practically?
Not only that," says book aficionado Jasmine Shaheen, "but we love to check out Red Bubble, or Etsy, or Society 6 for the amazing fan art and bookish merchandise that are not available here.
We should have more street smart-rather than bookish intelligent-policemen, prosecutors and judges.
His hard-working parents, his bookish brother, and his sport-loving sister just seem to overlook him time and again.
An encounter with bookish Isabelle catalyses a journey of self-discovery that Hugo hopes will lead to a message from beyond the grave from his father.
30pm The second cast member to return this week is bookish Libby Fox (Belinda Owusu, right).
A friend who goes to far more art fairs than I do once told me the atmosphere of Art Dubai was so gauche and ostentatious that it made the flash of Art Basel Miami Beach look as bookish as Documenta.
20pm A bookish teenager is far more concerned with academic achievement than having fun, until he is smitten by a gorgeous newcomer to the neighbourhood.
I'm also way more extroverted than my bookish sisters (we're all bookish, but they're bookish-er than me).
Expect bookish antics celebrating everything people love about the Brontes and their enduring creations, via imaginative storytelling, fabulous music, hilarious games, witty songs, comedy sketches and audience participation.
On the east concourse there will be an installation of reclaimed vintage suitcases, pictured, and trunks presented as well as handmade books, installations and curious bookish objects made and inspired by the physical acts of reading.
Work experience, enduring friendships, a burgeoning love interest and nonconforming family dynamics collide as an orphaned bookish Tiff brought up by single and gentle bear-like Uncle Bull and his father Reggie leaves Gungee Creek High School to work for the local paper, The Eagle.