booming economy

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WATCH: Syrian blogger earns praises for video on Philippines' 'booming economy' !-- -- Jan Milo Severo ( - July 31, 2019 - 11:05am MANILA, Philippines A Syrian video blogger (vlogger) has been the talk of the town in different social media sites recently because of his vlog about the alleged booming economy of the Philippines.
In another sign of Arizonas booming economy, the Phoenix metropolitan area led the nation for new jobs created over the last year.
What a great step, considering our booming economy and prosperity reflected through decreasing commodities prices and the poor masses getting out of the poverty cycle!
Then-President Clinton was basking in the booming economy of the 1990s, ready, willing and able to accept accolades from anyone for that surge in prosperity.
The move comes as the bank is looking to rein in inflation amid a booming economy.
Many predict that the booming economy of Panama will fill the void, but not for at least two years, or more.
Research reveals that 20million meals have been handed out by food banks, many to feed the 3.5million children living in poverty - a number which is soaring in our allegedly booming economy.
The reason why London is such a go-getting city with a booming economy is because it's where all the go-getters go; we could do with some of that here.
First Nations want to be a part of the economic fabric of this booming economy. We look forward to continued growth and opportunities within our communities," said Chief Clayton (Tony) Alexis, chairman of the YTDF, in a news release.
The rising market, however, doesn't represent a booming economy so much as it reflects the market adjusting to a collapsing rial.
Building collapses are a common occurrence in India, where a booming economy and rising real estate prices have led to a mushrooming of multi-storey structures, often unauthorised.
Vietnam is currently going through a real estate slump, Myanmar has no clear regulations yet for private property investors, Indonesia's real estate market still seems to be too intransparent, the Philippines despite its booming economy is too far off to develop a vibrant foreign-funded property market, Laos offers no real choices and Brunei is too small.