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Common characteristics of a boorish boss range from subtle behaviors, such as not listening or being unresponsive, to more severe infractions, such as publicly humiliating subordinates or being arrogant or manipulative.
He dislikes blacks and Caucasians who sentimentalize rude and boorish Negro athletes as somehow being the real thing.
Judge Mr Recorder David Aubrey QC told Evans: 'You behaved like a boorish, drunken thug.
She winds up living with two of her aunt's bratty clients, attending horrible dance classes and photo shoots, and dating a boorish rapper instead of his hot half-brother--all requirements for staying in Aunt Laurel's good graces.
Here, the boorish yet successful educator subjects himself to 16 full-time Tech students and eventually picks out one who, after joining the team for practice in the upcoming summer and fall, might be invited to sit on the Red Raiders' bench for the 2006-07 season.
Wales' World Cup campaign also saw their own anthem and England's interrupted by boorish fans during the two qualifiers between the teams.
We're operating in an infosphere where a CEO could get nailed for unethical or boorish behavior minutes after he makes a speech, because his words are blogged and distributed via RSS faster than you can say "Reuters report.
His newest re-creation, The Raleigh, has the beautiful crowds--and boorish service--Miami was made for.
The false tale of the gutted museum had its pictures-misleading images of smashed displays-and even its mythic elements, especially the villainous role assigned to supposedly boorish Americans indifferent to antiquity.
At my worst, though, it has turned me quite boorish when my words were not readily embraced by those who, according to traditional norms, were supposed to heed me.
Compared with Mikhail Gorbachev, who won adulation in the capitalist world even as his reputation plunged at home, the politician who finally destroyed the Soviet Union seemed boorish, erratic, an embarrassment in Washington or London.
The boorish, Dino De Laurentiis--esque producer (Giancarlo Giannini) has fired the film's arty European director, Andrzej (Gerard Depardieu), for insisting upon on a typically ambiguous ending, a la nouvelle vague.