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The judge, Recorder Richard Pratt, QC, said Hand's behaviour was "at the very least boorish and intimidating" even before he started making threats.
Don't they become all boorish and horrible at a game?
Chris O'Dowd is more than convincing as a boorish idiot.
Instead, it is boorish and self-absorbed to the degree that it is not funny at all, just pretty desperate.
He further joked that he won't rest until every lesbian relationship in Britain has been disrupted by an unwelcome, boorish Essex boy.
To turn away from an attack on one vulnerable woman or against women in general is to allow it to happen and keep on happening" - Comedienne Jackie Clune attacking "drunken, boorish comedians .
Such boorish action by the members of Team Pacquiao, no matter how distraught they were by his loss, is inexcusable.
The boorish behaviour of football players is one issue.
But is that really sufficient punishment for a man whose boorish behaviour is never far from the headlines?
I FULLY support the strong criticisms of Clarkson's boorish behaviour in the letters column, but it should be noted that such behaviour in itself is nothing if not that of the thoughtless mouthing of the taproom yob.
This time is wasn't boorish Richard Keys or Andy Gray, it was Cardiff City full back Kyle McNaughton who barged her in the back at full tilt.
The evidence suggests that there were those who got on well with him at CTN, but that he was sometimes insensitive, overbearing and boorish.