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Judge Anthony Potter told him: "You were boorish and obnoxious, a disgrace to anyone who's a human being.
'It simply proves that he has shown no remorse for his insulting and boorish remarks and that his apology was insincere,' Pangilinan said in a message to
The fellow has a quality that could be described by some of the still-enchanted PTI types as 'playing on the front foot.' To everyone else, his approach could be described as downright boorish.
This is a breach of international cricket rules and a boorish insult to all sports.
God knows what other nations think of the boorish behaviour and baffling mindsets of the people on those green seats in Westminster.
A report by Dame Laura Cox found groping and boorish behaviour by MPs was widespread.
It warned that male MPs become "increasingly boorish" when they get together.
The second is President Donald Trump, who seems bent on destroying the reputation of our justice system and has consistently lied and been guilty of vulgar and boorish behavior, Nineteen women have also accused the president of sexual misconduct.
Former coach Mickey Arthur Thursday slammed AustraliaA's players as "boorish and arrogant" and accused them and governing body Cricket Australia of being unwilling to improve the culture within the game.
Weinstein apologises for his boorish behaviour following a screening of 'Frida', prompted by his disappointment in the cut of the movie -- and a reason he took a firm hand in the final edit.
Those proven to have been on the pitch, and the boorish yobs who threw seats from the West Brom end, deserve everything that's coming to them.
Shone, described by his own barrister Graham Brown at Teesside Crown Court as "boorish and bullying" when drunk, was later arrested on Loftus high street.