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If you give a dinner party, you probably will insist that no guest behave boorishly toward the others.
The Ettrick Shepherd was perceived as being remarkably talented for a man of his humble background, but this upstart self-educated farm servant was also perceived as being nayve, incompetent, and boorishly unaware of the limits imposed by the delicacy of feeling of his well-bred female readers.
The biggest laugh of the week was not when one of the po-faced Sinn Fein assemblymen boorishly insisted on asking questions in Irish, but when Neil Kinnock told of his days as a young Labour left-winger in Wales.
Minimal: save for distasteful +1 ("Denial is a River in Egypt" possibility of the leader of Defense Bonus: even though Clinton's the free world behaving attempt to cry immunity is struck boorishly, not to mention his down by the Supreme Court); +3 (Alias philandering ways Bonus: extra point for "Pantsgate"
But, as we have seen, this is only the case ostensibly; and, ironically, exposure to the boorishly libidinous Americans only reinforces the pair's stereotypically English reticence, an attitude that seems to grow in proportion to the Americans' expectations.
In his remarks, Mundie quoted (Microsoft Chairman) Bill Gates who, in a 1995 book, boorishly instructs, "Gold rushes tend to encourage impetuous investments.
For a moment it looks almost boorishly callous but within a couple of circuits the 'flight' slows, the filly looks across to her 'leader', the lower lip chatters in acceptance, and Witheford brings her firmly but gently back to the centre again.
Yet the supporters of Portsmouth and Cardiff have never been Nobel Peace Prize nominees and, boorishly, they roundly booed each other's national anthems.
In the West, for instance, the right accuses the left of being "soft" on what is described as Islamic fundamentalism (often boorishly equated with "terrorism," but that is another matter).
I put four names forward, of which three were women, thereby ensuring that the historical barrier against women would finally be broken, even though the abiding sexism of the system was evident every time Biennale president Davide Croff boorishly referred to Corral and Martinez in public as the "Spanish girls.
And he did it his way - boorishly, aggressively and disapprovingly.
In the week before the 9/11 attacks, there are reports of the hi-jackers drinking vodka and boorishly fighting over the bill.