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Slander, meanness and boorishness are against the law?
In its place is an examination of a legendary American pugnaciousness, which veers often, authentically, into boorishness or sentimentality.
History viewed his 33 years with disdain, focusing on mistresses, bad temper and boorishness.
To enter the state of absorption in which art is made requires reserves of boorishness that not every exquisitely courteous person can summon but that the true artist unhesitatingly draws on.
It's so dispiriting to hear so many people in every other park and shopping centre demonstrating that no sentence can be complete without at least one 'F' word and doing it so loudly it's impossible to escape their boorishness," he said.
The Japanese adored the American players, especially Babe Ruth, who on more than one occasion exhibited his characteristic boorishness.
They comported themselves with dignity in a fight in which they were invariably outnumbered--and in a struggle in which their loudmouthed, bullying opponents behaved with predictable boorishness.
Burley and his pals are guilty of many things: Brit-abroad boorishness, arrogance, a dire lack of imagination and a pathetic desire to appear more interesting than a bunch of middleclass accountants on the lash tend to be.
If you excuse the drunken boorishness and excessive nudity, the conduct of rugby union players has always tended to compare well with that of their association footballing cousins.
She just chose to do it in her own way, either in private or by abandoning the field to Norman to display his boorishness before others.
Gombrowicz was not admitted into the high society of authors formed by Borges and the noted editor Victoria Ocampo (as much by his own boorishness and hostility as by their snobbish misunderstanding of him); in reaction he immersed himself in an alien world of lesser-known writers who met in cafes (often the place where the always poor Gombrowicz eased his admirers out of funds to pay for his dinners.
The last interaction between the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan in Islamabad in 2010 ended acrimoniously with the then Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi making extremely strident remarks bordering on boorishness during the joint press conference.