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Or, if you do not wish to be boosted just yet, why not boost Cooky?
She had paused for a while after her recent speech, in order to think of something else to say; and during this pause had come to her mind certain excerpts from one of those admirable articles on love, by Luella Delia Philpotts, which do so much to boost the reading public of the United States into the higher planes.
Smoothie and Juice Leader Introduces New Nutrient-Dense Whole Food Boosts (TM) Platform and Quaker Whole Grains Boost (TM)
Jamba Juice, Emeryville, CA, has launched a line of Functional smoothies, boosts and shots.
The original bar apparently boosts physical energy with guarana and vitamin B6.
The transmitting device boosts the amplitude of the first part of the transition or cuts back the signal for the remainder of the transition.