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Leveraging Microsoft's recently released iSCSI software-enabled SAN boot architecture, the affordable Siafu Swarm allows the booting of any Windows Server 2003 and can quickly and easily create and manage boot images, including the rapid cloning of images using Microsoft's SYSPREP utility to speed server deployments.
Pink Sheets:LITL), a renowned manufacturer of high-performance computers and personal technology, today announced that it will roll out all of its laptop, desktop and Workstation computers systems configured with PuRAM Drives with Instant-On(TM) Technology spelling the end of booting and re-booting tasks in mainstream computing.
Combining the performance and efficiency of Alacritech Accelerators with netBoot/i offers IT managers the best of both worlds -- fast, efficient IP SAN connectivity and seamless iSCSI booting for all their Windows-based servers.