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assumption, the units of a nonparametric two-sample bootstrap are scores in the sample.
In this paper, we discuss a double bootstrap model-averaging (double BOOT) approach that extends and improves the bootstrap model-averaging (BOOT) procedure that was implemented in Martin and Roberts (2006).
Parametric and nonparametric bootstrap confidence intervals for the complete and censored data sets were estimated for the 0.
Education, age, and gender may shape the bootstrap choices that entrepreneurs make as they have been shown to influence other business decisions (Watson, 2002).
i) What is the production efficiency of Indian banks using the unbiased bootstrap approach?
O procedimento bootstrap e desenvolvido obtendo-se um numero n de estimativas de correlacoes ([rho]), a partir do conjunto de dados original que e desestruturado (permutado).
Unlike deterministic methods of the past, however, which typically did not use any statistical tests to validate their overall reasonableness or to calculate standard error, the bootstrap model is open to a variety of diagnostic tools to help .
When the original data are comprised of dependent observations, which is the case for time series or spatial data, block bootstrap procedure is the preferred approach (see Carlstein 1986; Kunsch 1989; Lahiri 1999; Horowitz 2001).
As to this bootstrap scheme concocted by that fellow Weatherly, I am unalterably opposed to it.
These included experimental demonstration of the bootstrap current, the development of ideal MHD codes that agreed with experimental results and the development of steadystate power plant concepts (ARIES-I and SSTR) based on the trade-off of bootstrap current fraction and plasma beta.
The two species that could be included in Hylodesmum were placed as a sister group to the remaining species with 100% bootstrap support and 47 sites that distinguished the group.