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Relationship between bootstrap financing, Number of employees, and small business success.
We present here both unweighted multivariate results and results obtained with the application of both population and the bootstrap replicate weights.
In this study, DEA double bootstrap technique is employed for measuring the bias-corrected TE scores of LSMI and sources of TE efficiency that is not measured in case of Pakistan.
Efficiency Efficiency scores scores (bias not (bias Lower Upper Hospitals corrected) corrected) Bias Bootstrap SD bound bound H1 1.
While the cheapest destinations may be Congo and Iraq, the point is not dirt-cheap existence, but the most bang for your bootstrap buck"
Several bootstrap strategies exist for analyzing hierarchically nested data (see van der Leeden, Meijer, & Busing, 2008, and the references therein).
Tambien presenta el bootstrap parametrico el cual asume que la distribucion de los datos tiene una forma parametrica.
One justification for the individual mandate that operates as a bootstrap is the set of ACA provisions that forbid exclusions based on preexisting conditions and that sharply limit the bases upon which insurers can charge higher * (16) premiums.
Bootstrap, is written in LESS other than the JavaScript parts.