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On the basis of the distinction he draws between ideas and labor defined as "organized class struggle" for rights, unions, access to education, free medical care, public transportation services, and the "freedom of organization, expression, and representation for all" (74), he argues against the collapse of fiction into reality: "[t]he tasks at hand are to study the aesthetic function of postcolonial and Latino borderland fictional narratives and to avoid confusing their realism (their generic mode) for reality" (4).
Borderland peoples then negotiate the opportunities and challenges presented by a dynamic border at multiple scales.
Later, during the postcolonial era, Konfrontasi and the communist insurgency led to the entrance of state actors into the borderland area, thus disturbing the borderland economy while expanding the presence of both the Indonesian and Malaysian nation-states.
If cross-border or borderland life implies identity negotiation for migrant individuals or communities, the question remains to be asked for sedentary communities.
The study of "bordering techniques and procedures", "phenomenon of emigration", "emigration restrictions", "border transgressions" gives us a possibility to understand relations between state and territory, borderland community and other population, to develop a new approach for understanding how borders appear or disappear, become significant, meaningful or meaningless.
At first, the fusion of these two analogies is particularly intriguing, for they seem to be counter to each other: that is, the idea of a passage invokes a tangible physical place, which seems to be in opposition to the idea of a borderland, a concept that though tied to a physical place, emphasizes a fluid (cultural, political, and social) "ethereal" space.
Marie area, nonetheless shows how the Canadian and American governments used policy, legislation, mineral leases and timber licenses to turn this borderland into bordered land.
The focus is on the Galilean Jesus of John's Gospel, who invites the dislocated person into a hybrid identity through the creation of and participation in a borderland community.
In order to investigate how medieval rulers coped with peripheral challenges, Fokt chose Upper Lusatia for study, a region that was not only on a political and cultural periphery and borderland from the very moment it appeared in the chronicles, but also never was of central importance for historical research in any of the three countries concerned: Germany, Bohemia, and Poland.
Fleeing threats of deportation and violence in the Dominican Republic, some 3,000 Haitian-Dominican refugees have been abandoned to their fate, like so much human refuse, in squalid conditions and legal limbo in the southwest of Hispaniola's borderland.
territorial expansion, whereby "the widespread practice of Indian sign language offers a compelling opportunity to reimagine Native political alignments along a shifting international borderland that remained largely opaque to Euro-American eyes in the 1820s" (84).
The first part of the book, chapters one through four, establishes the Plains Metis clearly as a borderland people.