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Lupus erythematosus: May be mistaken for borderline leprosy on face.
Concomitant pulmonary tuberculosis and borderline leprosy with Type II lepra reaction in single patient.
This was also our observation in all 3 cases of borderline leprosy. In one case of lepromatous leprosy leprae bacilli were seen in prickle cells, stratum corneum and sweat glands.
Out of 100 deformity cases, borderline leprosy cases were 80 (80%), tuberculoid type 1(1%), lepromatous type were 3(3%), 13 (13%) were pure neuritic type, 2(2%) were indeterminate type, 1 (1%) histoid type.
recently investigated the cell mediated responses of two patients who were diagnosed with borderline leprosy (BL) and TB.
There was no concordance in the two patients of borderline leprosy clinically and histopathologically.
However, it is not unusual for borderline leprosy cases to present clinically with concurrent painful oedematous plaques and nodules, as in this case, suggestive of coexisting Type-1 and Type-2 lepra reactions.
A study of borderline leprosy from the clinical, bacteriological and immunological aspects.

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