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James Harthouse, with a discreet use of his blue coaching, came off triumphantly, though with a considerable accession of boredom.
For protection against boredom, Helen put a book of memoirs beneath her arm, and Mrs.
Metwaly explores the existential boredom that has risen from the wake of great social transformation, and even posits that this boredom serves as means of keeping things together; boredom is all that is left in the wake of great change.
The senior researcher at the University of East Anglia's School of Education and Lifelong Learning interviewed a number of authors, artists and scientists in her exploration of the effects of boredom.
Summary: Emirates teams up with psychologist to battle boredom among kids aboard planes
Workplace boredom is an emerging construct in the emotion literature, and has been the subject of numerous empirical studies in organizational behavior literature (e.
I had almost no breath at all, and even less energy, but all I could think was, 'I am dying of boredom here - literally dying.
Writing in his Sunday Times column, he said of being in hospital earlier this month: "The boredom was so bad I thought often about killing myself.
In the survey, parents were asked to list their first, second and third approaches to the boredom problem.
Jason Baker, Peta's vice president of international campaigns, said Bertha's life at the zoo was 'one full of boredom, misery and deprivation.
Breaking into peals of laughter, it said, he "added that we should send them gifts once in a while to help break their boredom.
Psychologists have tended to agree, attributing boredom largely to a personality trait, "boredom proneness".