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Sources stared that water boring without getting no-objection certificate (NOC) was illegal and here in Federal Capital this unlawful business was on raise.
Sources said that as per CDA laws any owner of the land in any sector of CDA in Islamabad is required to obtain NOC from this civic body for water boring at his residence and it will be binding on him to conduct boring work in line with the rules laid down in the NOC.
Seventy per cent of those in the survey conducted by YouGov find golf boring, with American football coming in at 59 per cent, cricket and darts at 58 per cent, snooker at 57 per cent and basketball level with racing on 52 per cent.
The innovator tweeted ( Thursday that 10 "hat aficionados" who purchased one of his Boring hats would be picked at random to tour the Boring tunnel and drive the machine that's created it.
Festivities were laid on as the communities, who are 4500 miles apart - Boring in Oregon, US, and Dull in Perthshire - marked Boring and Dull Day.
Columbia Gas determined auger boring to be the most effective method for this job.
The Marcellus Shale Coalition (MSC) released "Recommended Practices for Pipeline Boring," the seventh in a series of content-rich guidance documents developed by the coalition's various subject-specific committees.
In a marriage made in heaven, the Scottish hamlet has linked up with the town of Boring in Oregon.
A bit of practice and some time to develop a good sense of "feel" will be needed, but a crank handle can be easily made (see photo) and an excellent finish can be had by careful hand rotation of the boring equipment.
The EWB UP--Ultra Precision--Finish Boring Head is a series of boring tools with adjustable resolution of 0.001mm diameter correction steps.
People of limited strength will final the heavy gun BORING. Power freaks will find the .454 BORING.