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protest against poor services and boringly sluggish efforts against alleged
This explosion of queer into the public from the 1990s onwards has simultaneously been breathtakingly exciting and boringly normalizing.
Cookbooks for kids often err on the side of excessive safety (boringly limiting the menu) or excessive elaborateness (offering intriguing food that children couldn't possibly create themselves).
Perhaps it is the fact that the noises, though loud, are also dull and boringly repetitive.
Bonds may be boringly predictable compared to stocks, but in this case, boring is said to be good.
Sent off favourite for the third time in as many starts in the 1m1 1/2 f handicap at Wolverhampton yesterday, Reg Hollinshead's now 11-race maiden is becoming boringly predictable.
But they can also be empty calories if their content is trivial, too complex, or boringly repetitive.
And you can see why people call Federer dull - he's just so flawlessly good that he makes tennis looks too boringly simple.
While Canada reported another boringly positive report as the GDP and employment are growing steadily, occupancy levels are decreasing in office and industrial properties as companies use space more efficiently.
They conceive prefabricated elements that are identical, or in mathematical jargon 'self-same rather than self-similar', boringly replicated rather than fractal.
* Corpus Callosum (Michael Snow) Existential anxiety goes digital as Snow explodes the boringly secure enclaves of the nuclear family and the office drone.