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and then would you get a boringness reading from every person in your car?
At the same time, because I understand racing - its unpredictability, its mystery, its occasional boringness, its absolute dependence upon history and myth, without which the Derby is just a dozen or so horses running downhill and round a bend - I also know that people won't fall in love with it just because it is offered to them on a plate.
She said: "In terms of boringness of life - training, eating and sleeping - we are similar.
Yet it should also be exciting, for it vindicates humanist literature against long-standing charges of derivativeness, opacity, and just plain boringness.
Children credited with their own boringness, or offered as a palliative only hosing out trash cans or cleaning cat fitter boxes will, at least, learn not to trouble others with their tediousness.
In a game in league, where it really matters for something, I'll take the lack of shots and the boringness," he said.