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You can sample 20 of his songs, performed with his own band, and the point about them is not just that they're boring but that their boringness is the point.
Among its endless Modernist Esperanto of polite retail boringness, there are one or two punctuations with a Liverpool accent.
One standard answer to the standard anxiety about the boringness of Canadian history is to say that it includes too many of the now proverbial dead white men and is therefore irrelevant to the concerns of the general or (what is much the same thing) undergraduate population.
American Danny Karbassiyoon, formerly of Arsenal, greeted his move to Turf Moor with the words "Burnley is conveniently located near Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Bolton and Blackburn so dspite its boringness there is plenty to do outside of the town.
10 minutes, mind-numbing boringness and stupidity will make you forget that beauty.