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"Je me suis evadee--" put in that way, the opening sentence immediately suggested that she might merely have wanted to escape from a boring round of engagements; which was very likely true, for he judged her to be capricious, and easily wearied of the pleasure of the moment.
A minute later, his own brace and bit carefully secreted, his hand was descending on the shoulder of a man he could not recognize in the gloom, but who, on his knees and wheezing, was steadily boring into the head of a cask.
I've just finished boring all of the starboard row.
ah!" murmured the musketeer, aside; "that is, I am boring you, my friend." Then aloud, "Well, then, let us leave; I have no further business here, and if you are as disengaged as I, Aramis - "
It was Athos he had recognized, and Porthos who was boring a hole through the wall.
Her face was set, and he saw that he was only boring her.
From face to face and speaker to speaker his eyes would turn, boring like gimlets of incandescent ice, disconcerting and perturbing.
Huck was in a close place -- the inquiring eye was upon him -- he would have given anything for material for a plausible answer -- nothing suggested itself -- the inquiring eye was boring deeper and deeper -- a sense- less reply offered -- there was no time to weigh it, so at a venture he uttered it -- feebly:
In the course of his Narrative, he relates two in- stances of murderous cruelty,--in one of which a planter deliberately shot a slave belonging to a neigh- boring plantation, who had unintentionally gotten within his lordly domain in quest of fish; and in the other, an overseer blew out the brains of a slave who had fled to a stream of water to escape a bloody scourging.
In this way, his reputation penetrated the walls of the palace at Mazenderan, where the little sultana, the favorite of the Shah-in-Shah, was boring herself to death.
Her yellow-green eyes were round and staring, boring straight into the eyes of the boy.
Tenders are invited for it will be a compact and solid machine which works standard with 3 adjustable boring units for borings from the top (one of the top units controlled specially by a servo motor to be able to complete the drilling cycle in one pass), 2 adjustable boring units for side drillings and 1 adjustable boring unit for end drilling.