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George Johnson * Born December 8, 1938 in Columbus, Ga.
Charlie Owens * Born February 22, 1937 in Winter Haven, Fla.
Born in Richmond, Virginia, Jorstad earned his degree from Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
Born in, Unionville, Michigan, Luther received his B.
Born in a German refugee camp, Saul Rubinek grew up in Toronto where he co-founded the Toronto Free Theatre and established himself on stage in both Canada and the U.
Born, Edmonton, 1942 With lead roles in Perfectly Normal, Margaret's Museum, Whale Music and the CBC-TV movies Dieppe and Love and Hate, Welsh is a familiar face on Canadian screens.
Bill Stuart, CEO of Excalibur stated, "The Born agreement is another major step in expanding Excalibur's long-term manufacturing partnerships based on alliances with industry leading companies such as Born, Inc.