born in wedlock

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When the Court upheld the New York statute in Lalli, it stated that a state statute that differentiates between children born in wedlock and children born out of wedlock must bear a substantial relationship to the state's interest in "provid[ing] for the just and orderly disposition of property at death." (142) "[A] statute that imposes a substantially greater burden on illegitimate children cannot be written broadly to deprive illegitimate children of inheritance rights in situations that do not promote permissible state interests." (143) The North Carolina statute bears no substantial relationship to a legitimate state interest.
The reasons for distinguishing between children born in wedlock and out of wedlock are no longer valid.
See also GORDON-REED, supra note 27, at 79-80 ("In European culture surnames signal the paternity of those born in wedlock and those born out of wedlock whose fathers acknowledge them.
being born in wedlock generally implies being biologically related to
"born in wedlock" should be interpreted in relation to the
born to married intended parents is considered a child born in wedlock,
relationship is required for children born in wedlock and when a child
required for children born in wedlock, the Ninth Circuit held, in Scales
relationship between a person born in wedlock and his parent who is a
that children born in wedlock are the product of that marriage is not