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In instances where the parents of a child born out of wedlock are both recorded in the system but their status is unmarried and recorded as such, upon marriage, and if they wish to change their marital status on the childs profile, the law provides that this may be done without a requirement of a paternity test.
The woman confessed she had an illicit relationship with the baby's father and the child was born out of wedlock.
Gibson-Davis added that such marriages were fragile, and very few kids born out of wedlock got to experience a stable marriage.
In Yemen's highly conservative society, a woman can face execution if she is caught having sexual relations with a man outside of marriage and a baby born out of wedlock is considered shameful.
Another orphan born out of wedlock said, "We don't need financial help from society; all we need is affection from people.
Meanwhile, a security source told Arab News that authorities believe the baby was born out of wedlock and that its mother might have reached an agreement with the maid to kidnap the baby.
Preliminary probes showed the 15-month-old infant had been born out of wedlock and that the child's uncle gave the infant to an employee to raise to cover a family "scandal.
45) Furthermore, if "the mother of any child born out of wedlock and the reputed father shall at any time after its birth intermarry, the child shall in all respects be deemed and held to be the child of the husband and wife, as though born within wedlock.
Whereas teenagers once accounted for half of nonmarital births, they now account for only 23%; women in their 20s deliver the largest share of infants born out of wedlock (60%).
LONDON * The Church of England, in a bid to keep pace with the changing times, has begun promoting a "2-for-1" service that allows couples to combine a marriage ceremony with the baptism of their children born out of wedlock.
There was a happy ending to a tragic story this week when a three-year-old Indian born out of wedlock was allowed to leave Bahrain and join his mother who had been deported without him when her sponsor found out she had a son.