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The case was about a child born out of wedlock because her father died before she was born and not being able to marry her mother.
Kgosi Fanuel Mokalake of Modipane also expressed concern over greedy families who still excluded children born out of wedlock from inheriting from their fathers.
He said in recent court papers that the trust "would not benefit any person born out of wedlock unless that person had lived for a substantial period of time as a regular member of the household".
Back in 1986 just 0.5 per cent of babies were born out of wedlock in Cyprus, rising only to 1.5 per cent ten years later, in 1996.
In instances where the parents of a child born out of wedlock are both recorded in the system but their status is unmarried and recorded as such, upon marriage, and if they wish to change their marital status on the childs profile, the law provides that this may be done without a requirement of a paternity test.
The woman confessed she had an illicit relationship with the baby's father and the child was born out of wedlock. She led the police to the father.
They were either born out of wedlock or their parents failed to properly register their birth, embassy attache consular B S Bisht revealed yesterday.
Albert, son of the late American actress Princess Grace, had some subjects worried by his long bachelorhood and his lack of an heir since his two previous children were born out of wedlock and are not eligible for the throne.
Nearly 60% of the babies born in Bulgaria in 2013, or a total of 39 375, were born out of wedlock, according to the National Statistical Institute (NSI).
Gibson-Davis added that such marriages were fragile, and very few kids born out of wedlock got to experience a stable marriage.
The sold child was born out of wedlock. The woman said she had to sell her child over big debts.
Sana'a: An unidentified woman in northern Yemen left a newborn baby allegedly born out of wedlock to die in a toilet cistern at a local hospital, a local journalist and media outlets said on Wednesday.