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If you want to really wow your CFO, you can further expand your knowledge in agribusiness finance at an upcoming seminar, much like Ellie's crash course in Born Yesterday.
They tell the story of films like Casablanca, All About Eve, Gone With the Wind (It could have been Bette Davis instead of Vivien Leigh), Born Yesterday, Psycho and others.
Other film roles include Pacific Heights, Bonfire of The Vanities, Shining Through, A Stranger Among Us, Born Yesterday with Don Johnson and John Goodman and Nobody's Fool with Paul Newman and Bruce Willis.
In a sure sign that spring is on the way, one trio of new arrivals were born yesterday at the Black Country family attraction.
NNA - 7/12/2011 - MP Nabil De Freij said Wednesday that quarrels between government components were not born yesterday but they have been ongoing ever since the government was formed.
Dubai As India, Philippines and two cities in Russia claimed the 7-billionth baby born yesterday, a Jordanian expatriate in Dubai gave birth to a 3.
JAMIE Oliver and wife Jools are "thrilled" after their longed-for son was born yesterday.
Four Leap Year babies were born yesterday on the most unusual day of the year.
The little girl was born yesterday morning, weighing 5lb 4oz.
Lisa was originally told by doctors Ethan would be born yesterday and was shocked when she went into labour.
The baby alpaca, pictured, was born yesterday morning at a farm in Slaley, near Hexham, but owner Vicky Ridley, of Moorgair Farm, said her two children Annette, 12, and Shaun, 10, had still not come up with a name for the latest addition to the family.
Their little boy was born yesterday and Agyemang was able to complete the transfer to Preston.

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