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Indeed, as a blueprint for the reform of the Federal government, Born Yesterday is wanting, but such weighty maners aren't what the play is about; they are more in the nature of its setting like the Capitol dome that looms outside the window of David Potts's "posh" set.
Raquel and Ron Oldenburg with their baby Dmitry Petrus who was born yesterday at City Hospital in Dubai.
Four Leap Year babies were born yesterday on the most unusual day of the year.
Baby Cassius was born yesterday evening and weighed 7lb.
The baby was born yesterday morning, weighing 5lbs-10oz.
The hospital where she died was replaced by the Royal Infirmary in the south of the city, where her brother was born yesterday.
Bart Overvliet said: "A baby girl was born yesterday evening.
The child was was born yesterday by caesarean section and the birth "went very well," said Brigitte Boisselier, a French chemist and member of the Raelian sect
The slow birth rate at the Heath Hospital then started to pick up with three more youngsters born yesterday morning.
Margaret Beckett must think we were all born yesterday,' said Shadow cabinet office minister Tim Collins.
Knowles, believing the rest of us to have been born yesterday, retorted by saying people had "either misunderstood or misconstrued for political reasons, or otherwise, something I have said in all innocence.

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