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If you want to really wow your CFO, you can further expand your knowledge in agribusiness finance at an upcoming seminar, much like Ellie's crash course in Born Yesterday. "Agribusiness Finance for the Non-Financial Manager" aims to improve your finance skill set by helping draw the linkages between marketing decisions and earns, turns, and leverage, and teaching you more about the way your CFO thinks.
"Born Yesterday" is Garson Kanin's 1940s comedy about a crude tycoon who brings his showgirl mistress to Washington D.C.
3 The quotation from 'Born Yesterday' by Philip Larkin is reprinted from The Less Deceived by permission of The Marvell Press, England and Australia.
Born Yesterday believes there's nothing wrong with America that cannot be righted by an informed citizenry.
JACK STRAW and Malcolm Rifkind, the two politicians caught up in the cash-foraccess sting, were born within a few months of each other and that surprises me - I assumed both were born yesterday.
The electorate was not born yesterday. Voters put their faith in Labour and their promises before.
Charu and Ankur Mittall with daughter Tisya, born yesterday
ATKINSON, 28, must think Twitter was born yesterday (it is in fact seven years and seven months old).
NNA - 7/12/2011 - MP Nabil De Freij said Wednesday that quarrels between government components were not born yesterday but they have been ongoing ever since the government was formed.
Dubai As India, Philippines and two cities in Russia claimed the 7-billionth baby born yesterday, a Jordanian expatriate in Dubai gave birth to a 3.27-kg baby girl who was named Mariam.
JAMIE Oliver and wife Jools are "thrilled" after their longed-for son was born yesterday.
Upon returning from serving in the Korean war, Sorensen got his start when an agent signed him after seeing him appear in a production of "Born Yesterday."

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