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BOROUGH. An incorporated town; so called in the charter. It is less than a city. 1 Mann. & Gran. 1; 39 E. C. L. R. 323.

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Each Borough Commissioner oversees the review of construction-related applications and plans in their respective boroughs.
Top outer borough condos: Staten Island condos level off
But it is doubtful whether differences in control had much impact on the long-term decline of Borough Market as a wholesale trading place, that is to say a market not open to members of the public.
While Close likes a detailed boroughs plan proposed by Assemblyman Bob Hertzberg, D-Van Nuys, he opposes attempts to put any borough plan on the November ballot because it would interfere with the secession vote.
Because Sussex Borough is a small, fully developed municipality, little opportunity exists to expand its tax base.
Growth is manageable and the borough is focused on commercial diversification in targeted industries to promote both tax revenue and employment growth.
More than any other borough, Brooklyn is defined by its neighborhoods, so here is a look at the latest retail activity by neighborhood.
Borough government would create a 3-tiered system - general city government, borough government and neighborhood government - that would add efficiency, responsiveness and in the end greater accountability of governing authorities to the governed.
Second round - Nuneaton Borough 0 Mossley 0, attendance: 10,691.
Well before he founded the firm in 1997--when the borough was still to some extent considered a national symbol of urban blight--Luca Capin saw the potential that existed there.
But each request was rebuffed by City Hall and borough creation was blocked through a variety of legal and political maneuvers.