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They fell upon each other's neck, and at the conclusion of that touching rite the Boss had two watches.
It is what my boss, the judge, sometimes calls a 'statu quo.
Pray, sir," said I, trembling lest my BOSS might be a colonel of the editorial corps, after all--"pray, sir," said I, "is it expected in this country that the wardrobe should entertain the political sentiments of its boss?
An hour or two later, I was removed from the line, properly ironed, and returned to my boss.
There was always the boss prowling about, and if there was a second's delay he would fall to cursing; Lithuanians and Slovaks and such, who could not understand what was said to them, the bosses were wont to kick about the place like so many dogs.
But for the saving of time and fodder, it was the law that cows of that sort came along with the others, and whoever noticed it would tell the boss, and the boss would start up a conversation with the government inspector, and the two would stroll away.
Well, boss, you've kind o' got me, there--and yit you hain't got me so mighty much, nuther.
When contemplating or pondering over any issue of possible conflict give full responsiveness and attention to the points of view of all parties concerned including your boss.
Instead, manage your day just as the boss would manage hers; plan out your activities, know what your short and long-term goals are, and ensure that every time you speak to this boss you have a mental picture of exactly where you stand on those objectives.
Their father, Ernest Boss, was a chef at several popular restaurants, including the New Yorker and the Dark Brook, both formerly in Auburn, and at Assumption College.
Swedish digitally distributed gaming entertainment systems supplier Boss Media AB issued on Wednesday (7 November) a brief stock exchange statement, saying that one of its larger shareholders has rejected an offer for its holding in the company.