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Bossy is the co-founder of Mid-America Development Partners and Mid-America Real Estate Corporation, both created in 2001.
It does seem to me that having leadership skills is one of those areas in which women still have to be better than men in order to be recognized, because men can still get away with demanding followership without immediately being written off as bossy.
Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded bossy.
In short, we're the bossy old bats who refuse to be ignored and long may we continue.
In Clara and the Bossy, Clara leads a happy, unassuming life until she meets Madison who revels from any kind of attention.
It was called The Bossy Christmas Fairies and it was magical.
Since he is usually one of the most moderate of those bossy saints telling me how to live my life, I would like to know what he knows about the holy-making nature of going to work that I do not.
In his lectures, collected in this volume, Bossy is aware of Evennett and Hay's contributions and suggests, like them, a new perspective for studies on post-Reformation Europe.
The key was the French Ambassador's household and Prof Bossy describes how a mole in the Ambassador's employ passed information to the Queen's Secretary of State and what resulted from this.
In his review of several books on suburbia ("Room to Grow," February), Sam Staley contends that sprawl-and-mall suburbs are simply what people want and implies that any alternative is bound to be something bossy and over-planned like Celebration, Florida.
CLYDEBANK are keen to sign Didier Agathe's former Montpellier team-mate Fabian Bossy.
Neuman mask McCarthy dons in Bossy Burger, 1991, and the satiric tradition around Mad Magazine, even if the choice of the mask and its combination with a chef's outfit was not based on an elaborate plan but, as the artist informs us, was a spontaneous decision.