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The fact that schools from Auckland to Taupo have been sent the wrong pay details should come as no surprise to the Government Ministers who have been responsible for one Novopay botch-up after another.
In the latest botch-up, builders admitted on Tuesday that wrongly shaped windows were causing major delays to construction.
THE other Bates' Motel, otherwise known as the new Wembley Stadium botch-up, ...sorry, project, is in chaos.
A botch-up stopped the 33-year-old's divorce from wife Rhona going through at Ayr Sheriff Court.
EVEN from as far away as the south coast of France, this looks like the mother of all botch-ups but it's unlikely that the SPFL can back down now.
Uh-oh, the apology could mean that more bitter botch-ups by the administration could be shaping up, with those man-made disasters bound to happen again and again.
Medical mistakes, complications and botch-ups are to be expected occasionally.
performance or major botch-ups, the longer term consistency of the standards of the service provider are tracked by adding the results of successive waves to get an aggregate annual performance measure, with a sample size sufficient to iron out the effects of one-off 'blips'.
I wonder if he would like to change his views of councillors after the latest batch of botch-ups perpetrated by Kirklees Council?
But given his history of car botch-ups, it's a wonder the thing doesn't come off in his hands every time he uses it.
And when Perry's dream finally came true, it turned into the worst kind of bad dream with a string of botch-ups and accidents that led The m u n
And five minutes later Caley were ahead - the first of the Steelmen's defensive botch-ups. As Marc Fitzpatrick headed the ball into his own area, it was his bad luck that it fell to the ever-alert Hart.