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THE haggling over the direction of Liverpool's second tram route is typical of the numerous policy shifts and administrative botch-ups that have afflicted the city's regeneration over many years.
But the bombing of the Embassy was not just one more of the "oops missed" botch-ups.
You know not to tell psychiatrists to mind their own business, you know not to celebrate oral sex in public (I remember his shining eyes as he slopped his tongue around in lascivious imitation of oral sex, his thick stubble glistening with tiny drops of saliva), and you don't do the kind of jobs where the terror of white heat and the jagged edges of steel make you prefer to do botch-ups.
The NHS were hit with a huge compensation bill for the botch-ups, according to figures obtained using the Freedom of Information Act.
He flatly refuses to make any apology for his own botch-ups, namely selling off our gold reserves and plundering the pension pots.
And two in three think serious botch-ups should result in a jail sentence.
AND speaking of police botch-ups, the Metropolitan Police are removing the word "yob" from their reports in case of offending anyone.
STEVE HARMISON is backing Durham's three amigos to restore England's oneday pride in the land of prince bishops after a succession of prize botch-ups.
The Scots paid a huge price for giving away penalties following a series of line-out botch-ups.