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Yes, that was what used to bother Father Joseph, and Brother Dutton," Brissenden replied.
What bothers me," remarked Peter absently, "is that skull.
He turned the matter over judicially in his mind and concluded that even though he cared not a jot for Rose, at least he could think of no other woman who could carry a larger share of the drudgery in their dusty lives, help save more and, on the whole, bother him less.
What a fool he was, to bother his head with such get-nowhere questions
In this big noisy world, there will always be people who bother you.
When people fought long and hard and in some cases died to allow us a vote, it is a disgrace that people do not bother.
DONT BOTHER ME is fancied to give trainer Marco Botti another big handicap victory by landing the tote-sponsored Victoria Cup (3.
Considering the circulation of the Examiner - both in print and online - it is a fairly safe bet to say a lot of people knew the game was on but didn't bother attending.
I think you live life to the full Mark Jones, 26, a labourer from Middlesbrough My parents died from a heart attack and it does bother me.
Maybe if you would bother to read the usual instruction on the buses, you would find the spaces are reserved for wheel chair uses and disabled people, not prams or buggies.
If I can't then why even bother my backside thinking about it.
And if they can't be bothered to get off their backsides and do the honourable thing, I don't see why anyone else should bother.