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We are not strangers, we are neighbors, and you needn't think you'd be a bother.
He turned the matter over judicially in his mind and concluded that even though he cared not a jot for Rose, at least he could think of no other woman who could carry a larger share of the drudgery in their dusty lives, help save more and, on the whole, bother him less.
What a fool he was, to bother his head with such get-nowhere questions
They did not bother to cross the bridges over the brooks, but when they came to a stream they stepped high and walked in the air to the other side.
Run along, Vic, and bother some one else," advised Scraps.
Aynesworth, you needn't bother about these letters yourself, need you?
And anyhow I'd always be too tired at night to bother saying prayers.
Sara only meant she didn't want you to go to any bother on our account.
What bothers me," remarked Peter absently, "is that skull.
The green ornaments she did not bother to count, for she thought she could find them all when the time came.
I don't mind the world or the devil much, but the flesh DOES rather bother me," she admitted.
Sovereigns in a stocking wouldn't bother her; cheques do.