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The telecom firm has revealed that it will expand the BT blacklist in the event of its receipt of requests from huge number of customers to divert those numbers that cause botheration for them.
It is nobody's botheration if it leads us into a fool's paradise.
You should not take my intervention as botheration or harassment to you and to your government.
It was prayed in the petition that rangers should be deputed in all the churches on permanent basis and CCTV cameras and walkthrough gates should be installed on all entry points of churches so that Christian community could perform their religious rites without any fear and botheration.
The strain and botheration of cleaning up the mess would be a little lighter if this were the storm to knock the 1978 blizzard off its annoying and pretentious pedestal and return some modicum of dignity to the almost four generations of New Englanders who have had to grow up doubting their God-given hardiness.
Immediate Physical Aspects: Employment in a physically taxing job is a major cause (ILO, 2011) of botheration among several workers in the retail sector.
But the fundamental reason for my botheration is that Mendenhall sides with Forster, or the Forster he sees, in a slashing critique of "universal" law, law that is equally applicable to everyone, and in an idealization of Hindu or "Brahman jurisprudence," which "embraces arbitrariness and caprice as manifestations of a higher order" and, like India itself, "unsettles .
A major factor for opting consortia approach is reduced cost of e-journals for individual libraries and botheration of negotiating with several publishers/vendors/aggregators etc, which is taken care of by the consortia.
So I will say that whatever he has told could be his pain and that pain can be called botheration also.
No wonder then that to save the time and the botheration, and also in order to receive a favourable decision many people will be willing to bribe.
12) He cites, for example, the comment by Whitman recorded in Horace Traubel's With Walt Whitman in Camden that photography "lets nature have its way" whereas "the botheration with the painters is that they don't want to let nature have its way: they want to make nature let them have their way.
They feel free to go anytime anywhere without the botheration of foreign drivers.