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4) Degree of botheration is measured using a four point scale: 4 represents very much bothered while 1 represents not at all bothered.
Thus, round the clock, around the country, hospital's services are available, without the botheration of depositing initial amount/payment of bills by the insured person to hospital, as the bills are to be paid directly by the insurer to the hospitals.
It would be equipped with state of art facilities including installation of Cat-3-B system, capacity to observe in fog and severe rain and there will be no botheration in landing, he disclosed.
Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Sohail on this occasion instructed the respective district departments to provide maximum relief to the people visiting them for resolution of their problems and avoid unnecessary botheration to them.
In the study by Jain (2009), job satisfaction, personal effectiveness, reputational effectiveness, sense of accomplishment and contribution, botheration free existence and vertical trust were found positively predicted by different dimensions of OCBs.
STREWTH,Alice, what a swampland of botheration we've squelched through this week ab out the proposed new European Union constitution, with furious folk getting into blue funk passions ab out Mr Blair's suddenvolte face over a referendum.
Ballroom botheration bally dancing, good grief - and with action replays; and with yet-to-be-peeled spuds sneering in the kitchen.
Time to give thanks to Granny Nanny for the Leaving Times, for her care, for life in this land, free from downpression and botheration.
The Punjab government further directed that all these development works should be completed before the ending of summer vacations, so that the students may not face any botheration when they come back to schools after vacations.
This policy has helped not only reducing the burden on teaching hospitals but has also saved the public from inconvenience and botheration.
Introduced by the state floriculture department, floriculture has picked up big time in these areas and farmers unlike earlier times are saved from botheration of marketing their farm produce.
All this bin botheration could end if I can lay my hands on an invention which was given much coverage in the papers earlier this week.