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But those who have expressed an opinion simply asked: "Why could only 5,000 people from Huddersfield be bothered to attend the game on Sunday?
And if they can't be bothered to get off their backsides and do the honourable thing, I don't see why anyone else should bother.
A total of 772 respondents said that they were "not at all" bothered by side effects from AEDs during the 4 weeks leading up to the survey.
And you can't get a decent 99 cone anywhere anymore because nobody could be bothered making them right.
Emma Atkinson, a 20-year-old shop worker from Stockton: "I'm not bothered about it.
The results show that an overwhelming 87% say they would not be bothered if they were assigned to the 13th floor of a hotel, while -- interestingly -- exactly 13% of those interviewed say it would bother them.
The real reason for so much crime is because the police cannot be bothered.
Look at Chelsea - they were lucky to beat Wigan and won at the weekend with a dodgy goal off Drogba's knee, but I don't imagine they are too bothered about how they win as long as they do win Bolton didn't take their chances and we had one and took it.
The agency may say it has checked all the information on you, but in reality they haven't really bothered.
My only wish about Sontag is that she had bothered to weather what the rest of us daily endure: I wish she had come out of the closet.
Frankly, it wasn't the size of our chapter that bothered me.
When asked whether President Bush was bothered by all the personal criticism over the past year, a White House aide responded: "Only in one area--the criticism from conservatives that he is somehow this big-spending, big-government Republican.