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"He said he heard the door and lied to police because he couldn't be bothered with them coming round and stuff."
Martin Gillie: "I'm on the flight path near Annitsford, yes you can hear the planes coming and going and yes they sometimes wake me up when they take off towards the sea early in the morning, am I bothered? No....
24 ( ANI ): Expressing faith on the voters, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddharamaiah on Tuesday said that he is least bothered as to who will contest against him in the upcoming state assembly election.
A passing motorist said as no high official resided in the area the Cantonment officials had never bothered to look into the lingering issue.
Reports revealed that Aquino has been bothered by surveys showing that Roxas continues to trail behind his rival, Vice President Jejomar Binay.
Less than a third of the electorate bothered to even cast their vote.
In addition, 96% of girls who said that they weren't bothered by being asked for a sext reported having had sex, compared with 45%-71% of girls who said they were at least somewhat bothered by being asked for a sext.
His intention is only to give a statement on how the Greeks are bad and how he is bothered by that.
It bothers me that this Welsh Government is trying to get firms to build expensive flats near the so-called sports village, but can't be bothered to have a road-building agenda.
May I ask why, if the victims of alleged crimes can't be bothered to report them, anyone else needs to feel bothered on their behalf?
First of all, none of your miserable relatives can be bothered to give you a proper send-off.
TORONTO -- About 40% of epilepsy patients are bothered by side effects of their antiepileptic drugs, based on data from a survey of adults with epilepsy.