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But if what Wood is trying to say here is that we have become a much more open society, where people are encouraged to express themselves and talk about what's bothering them, well, duh
Oh and my personal favourite, don't bother going to the bookies to bet on horses, just set fire to a pounds 10 note (that loss on the Grand National two weeks ago is still bothering me.
That's really bothering him so watch for fiscal restraint in a second term.
Here Comes Baby won the first race there on February 5 only to be disqualified and placed second by the stewards for lugging in near the furlong marker and bothering original runner-up Pronto One.
This bothering point, it would seem, is epidemic among key Boomer players.
Something's been bothering me lately, and it makes me want to talk.
Many clients still aren't bothering to track the ROI of commissioned work, and then complain that they don't see the justification in continuing.
It's obvious his knee has been bothering him for the last four to six weeks.
If something is bothering a student on campus,'' said Principal Kenny Lee, ``we're going to address it.
Tracy also resisted the idea that Green's shoulder, which was surgically repaired during the offseason, might still be bothering him.
His hamstring was bothering him, and he couldn't get going.