References in classic literature ?
Sara only meant she didn't want you to go to any bother on our account.
Don't let their condition make you unhappy, ma'am, because I'll soon have them crowding 'round to bother and worry you as naturally as ever.
Yes, that was what used to bother Father Joseph, and Brother Dutton," Brissenden replied.
He turned the matter over judicially in his mind and concluded that even though he cared not a jot for Rose, at least he could think of no other woman who could carry a larger share of the drudgery in their dusty lives, help save more and, on the whole, bother him less.
What a fool he was, to bother his head with such get-nowhere questions
No one bothers to ask the MQM leadership about the huge funds which were granted to the party for resolving the basic issues of this mega city.
You are top of the league and no-one bothers to come and watch such an exciting team
My dad had a triple bypass - but it's not something that bothers me.
I don't like living in an elitist world, it bothers me.
Bush frequently seems just the sort of gratuitous grandstanding that so bothers Wood, but it's not all showmanship.