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Sara only meant she didn't want you to go to any bother on our account.
And yet, there's something about the affair that bothers me.
Yes, I am; but besides, all this bothers me," he said.
How to make the disclaimer convincing enough is what bothers me.
Well, it was a thing which could not be helped, so I seldom fretted about it, and never many minutes at a time; it has never been my way to bother much about things which you can't cure.
and be off with you to school, now, and don't bother me any more.
Then she began to bother me, and I said I'd had enough plague with the tiresome thing; we each had our tasks, and hers was to wait on Linton: Mr.
Well, Lord knows I don't wanta bother any- body," said the other.
The chinch bugs might bother everyone else, but Martin seemed to be able to guard against them with fair success.
His books now were insignificant; he could not bother about them when there was something infinitely more important to occupy him.
They did not bother to cross the bridges over the brooks, but when they came to a stream they stepped high and walked in the air to the other side.
Aynesworth, you needn't bother about these letters yourself, need you?