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A statistically significantly greater percentage of patients were also free of their most bothersome symptom (MBS) compared with placebo at two hours.
Yet, as experts gain more insight into this problematic disorder, they've developed new techniques that can help you tune out the bothersome tones of tinnitus and shift your focus back to what's important in your life.
The median duration of bothersome symptoms is about 10 or 11 years, from the best available data--far longer than what many physicians assume.
The IATA chief spoke of a bothersome situation for passengers.
The primary outcome was recurrent stage 2 or greater prolapse (within 1 cm or more of the hymenal ring) with bothersome bulge symptoms or repeat surgery for prolapse by 12 months follow-up.
Sixty-four percent of them had bothersome pain, and about 43 percent had pain that limited their activities.
Now a panel composed of clinicians and methodologists have made strong recommendations that physicians distinguish patients with bothersome tinnitus from patients with non-bothersome tinnitus through a comprehensive audiologic exam.
The tablets are indicated for adult men and women who awaken up to four times nightly to urinate due to nocturia, a common and bothersome urological condition.
All the women had reported at least 14 hot flashes or night sweats--many bothersome or severe--per week.
She believes that the import restrictions on Mimolette may not be too bothersome to consumers right now, but the crackdown certainly won't stop at one variety of cheese.
Results indicate that persons within 3 months of their MTBI report an average of 19 symptoms, whereas the comparison group reported six symptoms, and that the most frequently reported symptoms are not always the symptoms rated as most severe or most bothersome.