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The ultimate effect of these two bottlenecks is that people with disabilities usually do not work.
The results suggest that CMOs, by the nature of their profession, are using many different techniques to minimize bottlenecks and maximize capacity from their facilities.
This Article argues that the anti-bottleneck principle--the principle that the law ought to ameliorate severe bottlenecks in the opportunity structure where it can feasibly do so--is not only a way of understanding these new, cutting-edge protections, but also a way of understanding much of the project of Title VII and our existing body of antidiscrimination law.
The Barbaric research combined the use of time-lapse microscopy, single-cell tracking and mathematical modeling to characterize bottlenecks affecting the survival of normal human embryonic stem cells and compared them with adapted cells.
Of that PS80m, PS25m has been awarded to 15 schemes to help tackle bottlenecks on the local road network.
In our technique, the number of columns or n is the number of delay measurements used to detect shared bottlenecks. In Section 5, we will show that very few measurements (1 measurement is the average of all samples taken in 300 milliseconds) are enough to obtain an accurate result.
We will discuss the (i) Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm and its modifications for finding stable paths and bottleneck paths; (ii) Prim's minimum spanning tree algorithm and its modification for finding all pairs smallest and largest bottleneck paths; (iii) Minimum Steiner tree algorithm to connect a source node to all the receivers of a multicast group; (iv) A node-degree based algorithm to construct an approximate minimum connected dominating set (CDS) for sending information from one node to all other nodes in the network," and (v) Algorithms to find a sequence of link-disjoint, node-disjoint and zone-disjoint multi-path routes in MANETs.
The walls of the reproductive tract are angled in such a way that when a sperm approaches these bottlenecks, it's bounced from side to side and forced back.
Ang problema nga lang is using the FTP has caused the bottlenecks,' Jimenez said.
In a recent meeting with Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure and Water Management about the Long-term Infrastructure, Space and Transport (Mirt) program, agreements were made on research and exploration of solutions for the bottlenecks on the A12 between Gouda and Oudenrijn.
While the pipeline bottleneck is expected to ease up next year, a new International Maritime Organization rule that goes into effect in 2020 will keep heavy crude at a discount of $31-$33 a barrel against WTI, according to a July report by the Canadian Energy Research Institute, or CERI.
This article showcases two best practices that faculty and administrators can use when they are conducting assessments for the combined purposes of accountability and improvement: plan intended use of data and identify bottlenecks in student learning.