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In addition to improving mobility and quality of life for motorists, fixing the top 30 bottlenecks alone would, over 20 years:
respondents are experiencing no downstream bottlenecks, compared with 27% of Europeans.
The authors note that the transmission bottlenecks could result in overall reduction in viral fitness if more fitness is lost during each transmission than is gained as viral diversity develops again in the person infected [1]--one possible mechanism for attenuation of HIV over time.
To avoid bottlenecks at Santos, the company has had to ship its unassembled units bound for China and Iran by railroad to ports farther north, adding three days to transport time.
This prevents the bottlenecks experienced with SNIP, but requires additional programming to enable all of the segments to communicate with each other.
Relieving congestion bottlenecks: Traffic congestion will be relieved not only by providing highway expansion at the worst bottlenecks, but also by providing greatly expanded bus and light-rail service to get people out of their cars and off the roads.
Although today's communications technology is powerful, its capabilities and effectiveness are limited by network/server bottlenecks," said Pat Walsh, vice president, product management, High-Performance Optical Component Solutions, Nortel Networks.
Time each area of the loop over an extended period to determine where bottlenecks occur.
Thus, we were reacting to bottlenecks, rather than anticipating them.
The issue of physician absenteeism receives no more attention than that of other employees in today's managed care companies, yet, because they are operational bottlenecks, strategies for absenteeism prevention must be enhanced greatly.
Given these bottlenecks, I think the real story is not why we had a recession, but that the recession was relatively mild.
Queue time can be reduced if bottlenecks are eliminated and optimal batch sizes used.