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First, XRF and XRD were used to characterize the composition of a kernstone sample, which primarily included quartz and flint debris along with small amounts of calcarenaceous materials and boulder clay. Then, the primary minerals, that is, quartz and calcite, were chosen for molecular simulation at the microscale to obtain their micromechanical parameters.
Chalmers, R.J., 1893, Height of the Bay of Fundy coast in the Glacial period relative to sea-level, as evidenced by marine fossils in the boulder clay at St.
Embarking on his voyage, Whitehouse finds himself a thousand metres down a potash mine in north-east England, travelling through geological time from boulder clay of 15,000 years ago to the Permian evaporates of 260 million years in the past.
They had been roughly sawn to create a square section and flat upper face, and had been laid on a bed of ash and coal fragments in 2m wide shallow trenches, cut into the natural boulder clay.
Unconsolidated boulder clay or indurated till typically overlies carbonate bedrock (AM, GR 3085 G8100, Item 6, AM, GR 3085 G8105, Item 121) and is probably equivalent to till described by Baracos and Kingerski (1998).
Construction workers had a hard time digging the tunnels as they encountered different types of ground from sandstone to boulder clay, silt, sand and gravel.
"The shore is the only place left still with the original boulder clay cliffs which used to mark the Wirral waterfront of the Mersey.

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