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The boulder clay is overlain by unconsolidated grey clay, generally overlain by a thinner, yellow clay, which thins to the southwest.
Det Con Orr said that reports by the Humber Archeological Partnership and the Geography Department at Hull university suggested the relic "could not physically have been incorporated in the boulder clay at Aldbrough".
Zones of boulder clay alteration and trace element anomalies have been identified - chlorite, illite, dravite, Pb, As and Y are all described as anomalous.
Investigative work has revealed that erosion is being caused by a combination of the river at the base of the cliff and water and frost action on the boulder clay at the top.
These range from common-edge settlements to villages concentrated in valleys cutting through boulder clay in Essex, to the sparser settlement of the Chilterns.
Using modern satellite and computer technology, important geological structures are detectable through surface cover that consists of glacial till and boulder clay.

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