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Grasping it in one small hand he bounced away, for all the world like an animated rubber ball, snatching it from the ape-man's hand and running off across the clearing.
A VERY stout, puffy man, in buckskins and Hessian boots, with several immense neckcloths that rose almost to his nose, with a red striped waistcoat and an apple green coat with steel buttons almost as large as crown pieces (it was the morning costume of a dandy or blood of those days) was reading the paper by the fire when the two girls entered, and bounced off his arm-chair, and blushed excessively, and hid his entire face almost in his neckcloths at this apparition.
he thought, and straightway he bounced towards the bell, and was for retreating, as we have seen, when his father's jokes and his mother's entreaties caused him to pause and stay where he was.
I was just stretching my legs, when out bounced another woman on me.
We both bounced into the parlour in a highly abrupt and undignified manner.
Dowler bounced off the bed as abruptly as an India-rubber ball, and rushing into the front room, arrived at one window just as Mr.
He no sooner heard the horrible threat of the valorous Dowler, than he bounced out of the sedan, quite as quickly as he had bounced in, and throwing off his slippers into the road, took to his heels and tore round the crescent, hotly pursued by Dowler and the watchman.
The data show a significant decrease in the value of bounced cheques, compared to the corresponding period last year.
July 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Bounced emails make savvy marketers crazy, especially because they can represent hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost sales.
Summary: Muscat: The number of cases of bounced cheques registered with the Public Prosecution witnessed a .
The number of bounced checks in the Saudi market reached 44,984 checks in 2012, felling by %27 compared to 2011 figures, according to the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH) report.
The value of bounced checks has steadily dropped in the past four years to SR 3.