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Dubai: Dubai Police have arrested a man wanted in a bounced cheque case involving Dh3.
Shaker gave to Mian Khan a cheque valuing Rs 36000 which bounced when he tried to cash it.
The value of bounced cheques issued in the first quarter of the year reached e1/4367,213, a record low since 2003 when relevant data started to be recorded, it was announced on Tuesday.
THEUnion Cabinet on Wednesday gave its approval for promulgating an Ordinance to help lakhs of persons stuck with cases of bounced cheques in places far away from their place of residence.
Summary: Muscat: The number of cases of bounced cheques registered with the Public Prosecution witnessed a .
The number of bounced checks in the Saudi market reached 44,984 checks in 2012, felling by %27 compared to 2011 figures, according to the Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH) report.
The value of bounced checks has steadily dropped in the past four years to SR 3.
Ghurair also said that any move to ease criminal penalties for cheques bounced by expatriates should be done in a gradual, phased manner, giving enough time to consumer lenders for adjustment.
Ahmad Abdullah, a 48-year-old Emirati, was jailed last year after his general trading business went under and cheques worth several hundred thousands of dirhams he signed bounced.
Gallacher, left, was at fault for Alexei Eremenko's goal as the Finn's shot bounced in front of him and into the net.
1 : to spring back or up after hitting a surface <The ball bounced into the street.
Once over the runway, the pilot flared too "high," the airplane landed hard and bounced about four times with each bounce becoming more "violent.