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The researchers then were able to use the time between bounces to determine the height of the bounce.
The application separates real from fake bounces and gives clients today's most in-depth scrutiny of bounced messages available.
Crackley Hall Year 4 pupils Lexy Beaumont, Jack Fennelly, Freya Dhillon, Samuel Tubb and Mark Dunkley who too part in the sponsored trampoline bounce
At the time, the CBC said the list was unfair because circumstances in the wake of the Eurogroup decision made it all too easy for account holders to unwittingly bounce cheques.
Previous bounces have raised thousands for the charity, which is the UK's leading regional medical research charity.
Any individual who writes a cheque with insufficient funds - causing the same to bounce - can face imprisonment of one month to three years, or a fine of a minimum of Dh1,000.
Subsequent bounces shattered this interior oil glob, creating a thoroughly mixed oil-in-water-in-oil droplet (above, right), the researchers found.
Interactive: When a cheque bounces Video: Bounced cheque law explained Video: Bounced cheque suspect talks to GNTV
It is unclear at this point whether 2004 marks the start of a trend away from post-convention bounces, or is a historical anomaly.
The length of silence between bounces is determined, then, by the bali's size, shape, weight and material.
WESTLAKE VILLAGE - During the course of a season in which more than half of its roster was sidelined at one point because of illness, injury or personal reasons, Westlake High's girls' soccer team always managed to get the bounces to go its way at home.
the market bounces further and goes into long-term consolidation before entering the next secular bull market), the move to the previous historical high will be from a higher plateau.