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On a previous occasion when the Telegraph interviewed people using it and looked at the science behind that bounce, one pedestrian Mac said: "It bounces all the time since I've been using it, which is about seven years.
Hard bounces are typically removed by any quality email marketing engine, but you should check your email database to ensure this is being done correctly.
The researchers then were able to use the time between bounces to determine the height of the bounce.
A person or a company's name will be placed on the CIR's blacklist if in the space of three months, three of their cheques bounced, irrespective of the amount, or if a cheque of over e1/42,000 bounces.
The event is the latest in a series of sponsored bounces being staged across the region by Yorkshire Cancer Research.
The bank recovery team hounds him and submits his security cheque in the bank where it bounces
When dropped, the ornament shatters and the orange bounces but is bruised; the rubber ball, however, rebounds to even greater heights.
Subsequent bounces shattered this interior oil glob, creating a thoroughly mixed oil-in-water-in-oil droplet (above, right), the researchers found.
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It is unclear at this point whether 2004 marks the start of a trend away from post-convention bounces, or is a historical anomaly.
The length of silence between bounces is determined, then, by the bali's size, shape, weight and material.