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A data issued by Interior Division on Wednesday revealed that during year 2016, Capital Police registered 1033 cases of cheque bouncing under section 489-F PPC, out of which 980 challaned, 51 cancelled, 980 accused arrested and 930 persons were granted bail by respective courts.
Including the children in the planning of the 'bouncing balls' investigation helped develop their skills in the practices of science and encourage positive dispositions.
'But,' says Imran, 'God teaches you through failure!' For over twenty years he's tried to make an impact on Pakistan politics and being written of as a light weight non-entity, till now, using his well-honed bouncing back muscle he's got the most coveted leadership post in Pakistan!
And with more and more trampoline parks, like Limitless in Swansea/Cwmbran, offering fitness classes for adults as well as children, bouncing is fast becoming the new jogging.
Hot sweaty, gym-goers bouncing up and down on a mini trampoline with handle bars attached!
In a study of quantum phenomena and physical problems, Nesvizhevsky and Voronin discuss the wave nature of microscopic objects like neutrons, atoms, and anti-atoms, which they manifest while bouncing on surfaces in a gravitational field.
Casie not only took James' crown, she smashed it, bouncing 75,005 times - that's 4,734 more than her predecessor.
The amendment passed by the Lok Sabha provides that cases of bouncing of cheques can be filed only in a court in which the jurisdiction of the bank branch of the person who receives the cheque lies.
Steingart was intrigued by how the bouncing changed as batteries discharged--it was not a linear increase.
Kids love bouncing off the walls, landing in the big bag, tackling "the wall" and trying their hand at trampoline dodgeball and the slam-dunk rings.
Lawmakers have filed a bill seeking to amend Republic Act 1405 or the Bank Secrecy Law by removing from its coverage depositors who issue bouncing checks.