bound by contract

See: indentured
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The announcement was informed by the fact that there is a large number of students who received bursaries and are bound by contract to repay the loans upon completion of education.
Deposits and Guarantees required: The documents forming part of the framework agreement, individual contract detailed in the Tender individual contracts to be concluded with the winning bidders provide the following additional obligations bound by contract
"I can't reveal much as I'm bound by contract. All I can say is that I'm doing one.
The firm claim customers are bound by contract as they did not cancel and return the goods within 14 days.
Indonesia produces naphtha by state company PT Pertamina and a new producer PT Trans Pacific Petrochemical Indotama in Tuban, but Pertamina is bound by contract to export most of its production to Chevron.
We hear constantly, when we challenge dubious practices, 'We are legally bound by contract.' That excuse must be destroyed forthwith.
'Tapping-up', 'the illicit practice of attempting to recruit a player while he is still bound by contract to another team'.
Tapping-up, "the illicit practice of attempting to recruit a player while he is still bound by contract to another team", could hardly be more up-to-the-minute in the light of last week's findings in the Ashley Cole affair.
"I am still bound by contract and can't say too much.
Sony Music is claiming the group is bound by contract to issue five more albums under its recording label.
And although she is bound by contract not to discuss the competition, her interest clearly lies in the expansion of public space: the New York lobby's traditional openness to the street, the city's web of underground passageways, the funneling of 6,700 buses a day in and out of Port Authority.
Network level, the supply of chopped firewood full use of logistics services offer 14 parts bound by contract to 12 months sales framework contracts.