bound by contract

See: indentured
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Campaign understands that the agencies were not bound by contract, but that C&B was drafted in to sup- port Initiative with PR on an occasion-by-occasion basis.
A County Warrant In The Amount Of $1,000 Will Be Returned Immediately After The Offeror And The County Are Mutually Bound By Contract.
Instead he said that the men and women who will stand for election in May's contest will be bound by contract to reach out beyond "tribal Labour voters" and engage in community campaigns.
Siers, who has been bound by contract not to discuss the details of his departure from TurfTV, said last week: "I've been in the industry since 1971 and want to continue in it.
The firm claim customers are bound by contract as they did not cancel and return the goods within 14 days.
Indonesia produces naphtha by state company PT Pertamina and a new producer PT Trans Pacific Petrochemical Indotama in Tuban, but Pertamina is bound by contract to export most of its production to Chevron.
Tapping-up', 'the illicit practice of attempting to recruit a player while he is still bound by contract to another team'.
Tapping-up, "the illicit practice of attempting to recruit a player while he is still bound by contract to another team", could hardly be more up-to-the-minute in the light of last week's findings in the Ashley Cole affair.
Franchisees were bound by contract to operate within the framework of the company's merchandising philosophy, which emphasized an extensive assortment of brand name goods that were priced substantially lower than suggested retail costs, producing gross margins that averaged 18%.
Sony Music is claiming the group is bound by contract to issue five more albums under its recording label.
And although she is bound by contract not to discuss the competition, her interest clearly lies in the expansion of public space: the New York lobby's traditional openness to the street, the city's web of underground passageways, the funneling of 6,700 buses a day in and out of Port Authority.
Deposits and Guarantees required: The documents forming part of the framework agreement, individual contract detailed in the Tender individual contracts to be concluded with the winning bidders provide the following additional obligations bound by contract