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Su, "Porphyrin bound to i-motifs: intercalation versus external groove binding," Chemistry--An Asian Journal Journal, vol.
Both recombinant VLPs and native virions bound to the midgut, the main and secondary ducts of the digestive diverticula, and tubules, although labeling of tubules was weaker (Figure, panels C, D, and E).
Apart from the dramshop laws themselves, saloonkeepers in many states were legally bound to honor drinkers' wives requests not to serve their husbands.
Silbert, Bound To Stay Bound Books, Inc.; and Paul Parisi, Acme Bookbinding Company, Inc.
Many hormones are present in circulation both as free hormone and bound to plasma protein.
Over the years, researchers have evaluated Upward Bound to determine its effect on students' academic achievement and performance.
E-HRP bound to the plasma membrane is developed using DAB; the DAB-based primary reaction product of peroxidase was used as an indication of the amount of E-HRP bound to the estrogen-binding sites.
Most scientists, however, had assumed that a protein sensed the metabolite and then bound to the mRNA.