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Many hormones are present in circulation both as free hormone and bound to plasma protein.
E-HRP bound to the plasma membrane is developed using DAB; the DAB-based primary reaction product of peroxidase was used as an indication of the amount of E-HRP bound to the estrogen-binding sites.
Most scientists, however, had assumed that a protein sensed the metabolite and then bound to the mRNA.
Founded in 1987, New York City Outward Bound is an independent non-profit organization that brings the educational philosophy and expertise of Outward Bound to New York City's public schools.
In the May 3, 2002 Science, Belcher describes how she genetically altered the proteins at the tips of bacteria-infecting viruses, known as bacteriophages, so that they bound to zinc sulfide semiconductor crystals called quantum dots.
Measuring the radioactivity indicated the amount of DNA bound to the ATR.
Our paper shows that E2 bound to the L-SIGN receptor as a potential means of targeting the liver.
Last week, at the Society of Neuroscience meeting in San Diego, James Eberwine of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and his colleagues described another antibody-based technique that identifies RNAs bound to FMRP.