boundary line

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Porbandar (Gujarat) [India], November 11 ( ANI ): Four Indian boats and 24 fishermen were detained by Pakistan Marines, near International Maritime Boundary Line, off the coast of Porbandar, on Saturday.
He said: "I took these photographs of the council's grass cutting of the 'boundary lines' of Edge Lane/Holt Road/Toft Street - I assume this is the boundary line for the start and finish of Kensington and Edge Lane.
East measured from a true meridian, passing over the center of the existing circular concrete seawall on Turtle Island and continuing on the same course through the lake to the point where it intersects the boundary line between the United States and Canada.
So Laronga had a boundary line agreement written, hired a mobile notary and had her sign off on the document last week right in front of her property
The Navy media unit said that 102 Indian fishermen were handed over to the Indian Coast Guard Ships "Durgavati" and "Amaya" at the International Maritime Boundary Line North of Kankasanthurei, in the north of the island nation.
has been underway on the administrative boundary line of the breakaway Abkhazia.
AThe first point to mention is that it is generally agreed that branches overhanging a boundary line do not belong to the neighbour, but actually to the owner of the land over which they go.
When it comes to anything edible, the law is clear - if it's on your side of the boundary line, then it's yours.
Modern surveyors, using equipment George II of England could not have imagined in 1735, have discovered errors in the boundary line drawn back then that divided Carolina in two.
This was the official provincial boundary line in effect when Sudan became independent on 1
If you can settle the matter before going to court, of if the court defines a boundary line and writes an Order, the chartered land surveyor will mark out the boundary line.
Two-dimensional diagram In practice, this meant developing software that could calculate the stability lobe diagram (SLD), a two-dimensional diagram that compares axial depth to cutting speed with a boundary line dividing the curve in regions of stability or instability (chatter).