boundary mark

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He knew that tree well; it was the boundary mark of his youth--the sign, to him, of the time when some of his earliest, strongest feelings had left him.
For example, in some additional science assessments, the boundary mark for grade A was sometimes less than half of available marks, and the boundary mark for gradeCwas as low as six out of 30 marks in one case.
Then two bhikkhunis approached the Eastern boundary stone and asked question: "What is the boundary mark of the east".
Therefore the lively power of his mind prevailed, and forth he marched far beyond the flaming walls of the world, as he traversed the immeasurable universe in thought and imagination; whence victorious he returns bearing his prize, the knowledge of what can come into being, what can not, in a word, how each thing has its powers limited and its deep-set boundary mark.
It must also be realised that there is not a fixed benchmark to decide where the boundary mark between one grade and another is to be set.
No longer is death the boundary mark beyond which is empty blackness.
WHEN Alan Pardew headed over the Tyne Bridge for the smoke without as much as a backward glance the boundary marks were crystal clear.
Akhnaten, sometimes known as the Prophet, had steles carved in the rocks of the cliffs, on the north, south and east, as boundary marks for his new kingdom, which he called Akhet-Aten.
The boundary marks areas outside the city's current limits that eventually will be made available for development.
They examine boundary marks, the legal and administrative intricacies of maintaining accurate land registers, and the role of surveyors as arbitrators in disputes.