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EPA Regulations: The Case Against Bounded Institutions
Should governments be required to award a bounded percentage
Notwithstanding the common background of the two sets of ideas, it was only in 1983 that the article 'system dynamics: portraying bounded rationality' by Morecroft explicitly addressed bounded rationality in a system dynamics context.
Morecroft is convinced that bounded rationality is a basic concept in every social system.
Thus, our analysis applies to such graphics applications as animation and collision detection, where scenes tend to have bounded average aspect ratio and bounded scale factor.
Collision detection in aspect and scale bounded polyhedra.
Seeley participated in a scientific workshop on bounded rationality held in March at the Free University in Berlin.
In joint position papers written at the end of the workshop, they concluded that bounded rationality may help clarify how emotions, consensus-building cues in small groups, and cultural norms simplify human reasoning--for better and for worse.
In contrast, bounded rationality drops the assumption of mutually consistent perceptions.